Leather Care

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Leather is a sensual and long-lasting natural material. Leather apparel is known for its rugged and versatile nature and continues to scorch fashion ramps with alluring styles and designs. Leather garments need to be carefully stored and cleaned. Leather apparel must be carefully handled and stored so as to preserve it for a long time. Leather garments must be hung on hangers so that their shape is maintained. Enclosing them in plastic cases will cause them to become dry. Leather apparel must not be kept under direct sunlight.


Spraying perfume or hairspray on leather apparel can be damaging. Damp

Leather garments must be allowed to dry naturally. A conditioner can be used to restore flexibility. While cleaning leather articles, it is advisable to choose a cleaner that allows the natural lubricating oils to be retained. Besides, it should not leave behind any greasy residue.

Any residue can attract bacteria that can attack your leather article. Leather conditioners can be occasionally used to lubricate the fabric and replenish the suppleness. Use of moisture barriers can protect the leather from rain or other liquids. Leather apparel is an investment that needs to be taken adequate care of. Each piece of leather article is unique and natural, with its own textures and imperfections. Proper care can go a long way in preserving the natural beauty of your leather garment.

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