Instructions for the Measurement

  • Wear the type of clothing you’ll wear with the item. Measure without pulling the tape tight. Do NOT make any “adjustments” to measurements, enter exactly what you measure.
  • Easiest to have someone else take your measurements, however we recommend you do NOT have a “professional” tailor or seamstress do this. Almost 100% of the time customers using tailors discovered they did not follow the instructions and coats were made to the wrong size. The measurements “cross check” each other and must be taken as described.
  • If using Standard Sizing, fill out Section One. In Section Two enter either a zero or the word “none” in all the fields.
  • If using Custom Sizing, fill out Sections One and Two. Please note the photos with Offset Front Length and Arm Only Length.
  • If a measurement doesn’t apply, enter a zero or the word “none”.
  • h. Use the remarks section for anything you wish to tell us about your measurements for this item. There is another remarks section at the end of the checkout process for comments on the order itself.
  • If the measurements don’t seem right to Pop’s tailors, we’ll contact you before making your item. If you have a question, click Contact Us.
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